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Double Dipping

For those who have been at a job search for an extended period of time, you’ve likely seen positions pop up with organizations you’ve submitted applications to months or years before. Trust me when I tell you it is absolutely okay to double dip. Don’t be shy about taking another shot at working for a […]

I Can Make More On Unemployment

The top complaint I hear from employers about unemployment extensions is having candidates turn down jobs because they claim they can make more on unemployment. It’s a concern that’s easy to get riled up about. I’d like to add some perspective, however. Let me say first, yes, there are lazy people who don’t care to […]

Just Ask The Question!

Asking strategic questions should be a key part of a job seeker’s search strategy. A few months ago I blogged about the quality of the questions job seekers’ pose in the post “Dumb Questions Do Exist.” You can read that post here. Today the focus is on the commentary often leading up to a question, […]

Which Surgeon Would You Hire?

While in the emergency room clutching your chest, you’re presented with three heart surgeons. Your very existence is on the line and you have to choose one of the three to hire for your procedure. Before you make your selection you get to ask one question. The question…”Why should I hire you to operate on […]

The 97.7%

Don’t panic! This isn’t one of “those” posts. Did you hear the news last week? According to a report, 97.7% of all businesses in the United States have fewer than 100 employees. Small businesses are much more plentiful than the big guys. If you want to see G. Scott Thomas’ original article in “The Business […]

What Settling Can Sound Like

Many job seekers realize the position of their dreams may not be an option for the foreseeable future. Though it’s great most are flexible and open to exploring other options, it can be tough convincing potential employers they’d be a good hire in a role too far removed from their ideal. Why? Too many sound […]

What If They Aren’t Lazy?

You know that unemployed person you know who is lazy and sitting around all day and not doing anything to find work? Well, what if you’re wrong? What if, while you’re at your 40+ hour per week job that takes you away from observing his every move, he is actually making an effort? What if […]

I Blame The Unemployed

Those who know me in real life are aware I get pretty prickly over negative assumptions some still make about the unemployed. I read comments in media outlets that drive me mad. “I feel for the unemployed and I know it’s tough, but if they budgeted better, stopped smoking and watched less Oprah they wouldn’t […]

Job Hunter or Job Shopper

It occurred to me why so many individuals are struggling with running an effective job search. This economy requires a hunter’s mindset. Most of us have never really had to hunt for anything of any great importance. We shop. When there is something we want or need, we turn to companies and individuals who have […]

Showing My Teeth

No, this isn’t about me being viscous. I had a photo session earlier this week, which is tantamount to torture. Cameras and I do not get along. My fragile grasp on confidence gives way and insecurity creeps in. Insecurity isn’t something I like to pay much attention to normally, but humanity makes it impossible to […]