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When Humor Sounds Angry

Jokes don’t hide anger and frustration. If anything, they amplify those types of emotions and give individuals on the receiving end of the manufactured humor the wiggles and squirms. Many job seekers are in a tough place emotionally. They understand employers don’t want the negative energy that goes along with those feelings, so there are […]

Make It Easy For Me

You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to connect with job seekers. In a time of fierce competition for jobs, it’s important to make sure employers have easy ways to get in touch with you.  Here are a few examples of what I run into frequently. Changing your cell phone or internet service/provider without […]

The Trouble With “Recipes For Success”

I love to cook. The fact I’m now skilled enough I can actually turn out food friends and family enjoy eating is a bonus. That wasn’t always the case. When I didn’t know what I was doing I hated cooking…not to mention eating the end result. Practice and paying attention to what gifted cooks were […]

Guess Who Gets The Job

A contact of mine is an HR Manager for a local company. She contacted me yesterday to see if I knew of individuals with a specific skill set for a job she has coming available soon. I do know of someone, so I forwarded the LinkedIn profile of that professional. Today my contact asked me […]

If You Were An Animal…

I spend a lot of time chatting in round tables with professionals looking for work. I’m hearing some interesting stories these days about interview questions. Employers are actually asking questions like, “if you were an item in a grocery store what would you be and why?” And, “if you were an animal what animal would […]

Follow-Up Frustration

Job seekers can find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to follow-up with potential employers. By not keeping in touch enough, one risks appearing unmotivated,  yet calling too much takes on a stalker feel. Where is the balance? What’s the right answer? The simple truth is no “expert” can […]

Just Say No To Form Letters

Ever get a form letter in the mail from a company attempting to market to you? Silly question. If your mailbox looks like mine, it’s a daily occurrence. I’m not sure which I dislike more, those beginning “Dear Sir or Madame” or those with my name digitally inserted in key places by a computer data […]

Speed Employers Up!

Job seekers spend too much time complaining about the things that slow hiring processes down and not enough time focusing on what speeds them up. Sure, companies may have internal limitations applying the brakes at times, but what motivates decision makers to conquer those limitations sooner than later? I’ll tell you what doesn’t, a candidate […]

Interviews Aren’t Performances

When your interview is over the interviewer should be thinking “what a great meeting,” not “what a great show.” Great shows don’t get you job offers. You may say and do the right things, but if a standing ovation is more appropriate than an ethusiastic handshake, you aren’t getting the job. Sincerity and a genuine […]

What Are Your Weaknesses?

“What are your weaknesses?” This particular interview question has come up several times in conversations this week. It’s certainly not a new question. Since it seems to be a popular topic, I figured I’d take a stab at sharing my views on how to approach it with an answer. When companies ask this question what […]