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Solving The “We Don’t Give References” Problem

A growing number of companies are limiting the information they release in the referencing process. Many of the job seekers I’m working with, who have been laid off from large organizations, struggle to close the deal with a prospective employer because their former employer is so tight lipped. Their former supervisors, who still work with […]

Resume Reviews

When you ask someone to review your resume, make sure you are on the same page in terms of what is to be evaluated. Too often the primary focus ends up being typos and word choices. Yes, we want those things brought to our attention, but a big component of a resume review has to […]

When They Write, You’re Right

When I’m in a business meeting with someone, I rely on one simple sign to tell me if I’m on the right track with the information I’m sharing. It’s great when people are smiling at me and asking questions or making comments about what I’ve said, but the real winner for me is when the […]

Greeting Card Aisles

There is a reason why greeting card aisles offer lots of choices. No matter how similar the overall message, the way it’s delivered depends heavily on the relationship between giver and receiver, the perspective of the receiver, the situation at hand and what the message needs to achieve. Imagine how different the card would need […]

Do You Have A Focus Group?

Job seekers, like it or not, you are a salesperson. Your talents, skills, connections and sweat are up for grabs and it’s your responsibility to understand who your customers are, what you have they could use, what value to put on those offerings and how they respond to your marketing materials & pitch. How does […]

Give Me An Example Of…

You know those interview questions that start off with “give me an example of…?” Give me an example of a problem you faced and how the situation was resolved. Give me an example of a situation where you didn’t get along with someone and how you handled it. When I conduct practice interviews questions like […]

Not Everybody Wants Your Resume

Begging isn’t my normal style, but I’m dropping to my knees today with a simple plea. For the love of your professional image, please don’t treat your resume like candy at a parade and toss it at crowds. Don’t go to networking events with a portfolio in hand and 50 copies of the latest version […]

Be Faster Than Ketchup!

If I had a magic wand one thing I would do is cast a spell on job seekers that helps them get to the point faster. I know my wordy self has a lot of nerve saying that, but stick with me for a minute. I’m not sure if it’s the mistaken belief that every […]

High Scoring First Half

Many football teams agree the best way to ensure a victory is to put as many points on the board as possible in the first half. A strong start is always the ideal. Few want to rely on luck of a phenomenal 2nd half to get the job done. I have the same opinion of […]

We Like Fresh

Most people find fresh appealing. Consider how much you appreciate fresh food, air or sheets. Aside from things like wine and cheese, I can’t think of anything people prefer musty. Folks, I’m  here to tell you many people are struggling in their job search because they aren’t getting their fresh on. Their approach, responses, perspective, […]