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Making The Grade

It drives me bonkers when job seekers grade their networking contacts. They evaluate how good of a contact someone is by who they know and what they’ve managed to do for them. Though that sounds reasonable, it’s a terrible disservice to the networking process. First of all, to be able to grade someone based on […]

Waiting For Perfect

Job seekers, don’t get caught up in waiting for perfect. Postponing reaching out to key contacts because you want the stars and planets to align themselves in a certain way before taking action is a mistake. More than likely you will find the perfect moment never materializes or that, when it does, someone else has […]

Don’t Tell Me That First!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me share an important nugget of wisdom with you. It’s great that you are willing to compromise in terms of employment opportunities, but don’t make a louder case for your compromises than you do for your ideal career situations when talking with networking contacts. Your loudest message is what will resonate […]

Check The Forecast

Most make a point to check the weather forecast when making plans for a weekend or a vacation. Knowing ahead of time what conditions to prepare for is key to the planning process and helps ensure a positive experience. Job seekers need to do the same thing with their search. It’s imperative to take in […]

When It Means Something

Long time, no blog post. I’ve been staring at my screen for weeks now and not feeling any real urge to write. I couldn’t find the motivation. Something happened today, a short moment ago actually, that gave me the jolt I needed. While staring at my blank screen a comment came in on a blog […]

Citrus Fruit Colorer

If you had the challenge to list all of the professions/job titles you could think of, how many do you think that would be? Hard to say. I’m guessing all of us would fall far short of the actual number of job variations that exist in our community, let alone society as a whole. In […]

Got A Quarter?

I love to network and meet people. I learned as a third party recruiter (a.k.a. – headhunter) of accountants the importance of networking. For recruiters, meeting people and getting your name out there is key. When an active recruiter, friends often spied me at different events passing out business cards and jockeying for speaking opportunities. […]

Allow Me To Beat My Head Against The Wall

For the love of all that is logical, please tell me why some of the newly employed are setting themselves up for history to repeat? Whether a result of an improving economy or better job search technique, many I’ve worked with over the past year are getting job offers. That’s fantastic news. It’s what’s happening […]

The Curious Finish Faster

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it gives life to a job search! Those who invite curiosity into their efforts are much more likely to experience a positive outcome. The curious job seeker wonders: What is going on in my community and how does it affect my profession? What does that new piece of […]

Just Say No

Ask anyone looking for work what they hate about the process and they are sure to give you a healthy list.  Most are quick to grumble about hiring assessments, extensive & redundant online applications, essay components, transcript requests for degrees obtained decades ago, etc. Employers are definitely having applicants jump through hoops these days. There […]