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Nix “Something” & “Anything”

If I had the power stop those I work with from saying two words, the words would be “something” and “anything.” Why? Too often, when I ask people to describe what they are looking for, I get lines like this… Something where I get to work with people. Something stable. Something where I can put […]

Dumb Questions Do Exist

Whoever came up with “there’s no such thing as a dumb question” lied. Dumb questions most certainly exist. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of my fair share of them for years. It’s not that the individual having a question is dumb. It is more the individual’s choice to pose a question […]

Name That Staffing Company

You know that company you really want to work for, but it doesn’t have any current openings or isn’t sold on your background being a fit for its needs? A simple question may help you gain entry when the odds don’t seem to be in your favor. The next time a company gives you the […]

“I Know What I Don’t Want…”

When I ask job seekers to give me an idea of what they want to do, what I often hear in return is…”well, I know what I don’t want.” Sound familiar? I have good news for those who can identify with the above. If you know what you don’t want, you know more about what […]

Meet Some Special People

I’ve heard bloggers are supposed to post pictures to keep things interesting. I’m not a picture girl, but I’m going to break from my norm to show you some of the wonderful people I get to spend my time with. Today a group of 10 job seekers and 8 members of the business community came […]

You’d Be Mad

I’ve got bad news. You’re going to be mad. At least, you should be mad. Who you get mad at is still to be determined. Ready for my news? Someone with fewer qualifications and lower professional standards than you landed a job for more money than you’ve been brave enough to ask for today.  How […]

The Politics Of Looking For Work

Politics. The word makes a lot of people cringe. I understand why. The drama and junk these days can be overwhelming. Those who are dealing with the stress of unemployment struggle with the toxicity of what our country has grown to believe is debate. Many have decided they’re better off tuning out the rhetoric coming […]

Capital Area Michigan Works – Career Networking Group

Job Seekers Can Now Network Every Friday at 1:00 p.m.! The Career Networking Groups at Capital Area Michigan Works are shifting gears. For nearly a year there have been four separate groups: Science/Engineering, IT, Sales/Marketing, Business Administration. With so many of the groups’ initial participants securing employment, there simply isn’t the demand to continue offering […]

Guess Who Gets The Job

A contact of mine is an HR Manager for a local company. She contacted me yesterday to see if I knew of individuals with a specific skill set for a job she has coming available soon. I do know of someone, so I forwarded the LinkedIn profile of that professional. Today my contact asked me […]

14,374 & 759,387

For those of you interested in a bit of trivia, there are approximately 14,374 businesses in the Greater Lansing area. The number for Michigan as a whole is around 759,387.  Granted, many of these businesses are small operations with 1-5 employees. I’m not suggesting all of the companies are large employers by any stretch. That […]