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I’m Such A Meanie

I think I’ve shared before that I have a twin sister. As far as twins go, we don’t have many similarities. My sister’s curly jet black hair, green eyes, artistic ability and tendency to say things like “fiddlesticks” when mad are polar opposites of me. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I say fiddlesticks, too. What can I […]

Meet Some Special People

I’ve heard bloggers are supposed to post pictures to keep things interesting. I’m not a picture girl, but I’m going to break from my norm to show you some of the wonderful people I get to spend my time with. Today a group of 10 job seekers and 8 members of the business community came […]

He Who Hesitates…

This week four job seekers from my roundtable groups landed jobs. All had one thing in common. The opportunities came at them fast. There was little time to pause and digest. Two of the four actually started their jobs within a few days of getting the offer. The companies found the fit they wanted and […]

Strategic Volunteerism

Today I’d like to tell you about Jane. Jane is an absolute ace. She’s professional, smart and gives her all whenever she takes on a project or commitment. Like many job seekers interested in staying visible and positive, Jane spends much of her time volunteering. The hours of service she’s provided to her community have […]

I’m Not Who You Think I Am

Any guesses on my education background? By degree I am a Medical Technologist. That is a 4 year degree with a heavy emphasis on physics, chemistry, biology and math. Medical Technologists are the ones in the various hospital and research labs around the country running tests and digging for answers to medical mysteries. I worked […]

You’d Be Mad

I’ve got bad news. You’re going to be mad. At least, you should be mad. Who you get mad at is still to be determined. Ready for my news? Someone with fewer qualifications and lower professional standards than you landed a job for more money than you’ve been brave enough to ask for today.  How […]

Trouble With Low Mileage

My Grandma, bless her heart, drives approximately 2,000 miles per year. No joke. When she decided it was time for her to sell her 10 year old car it had a grand total of 24,000 miles on it. Yep. There was no need to wonder if the odometer had simply rolled over. The seats still […]

Name That Contact

A job seeker in my network told me a quick story last week about how he got a hiring manager’s attention. Get ready for this show stopping strategy! He used the man’s name. Ground breaking stuff. He saw the gentleman’s business card on the table he was standing beside for a job fair and actually […]

Don’t Panic

An interesting article was featured on Yahoo News today. The story covered a group of 25 souls who were trapped together for over an hour in an elevator that was stuck. Throughout their ordeal everyone remained calm and committed to passing the time in a constructive and positive way. No one freaked out. What if […]

Job Seekers…Think Before You Shop

An important aspect of job search strategy that’s rarely talked about is what those looking for work can do to ensure there are jobs to apply to in their community to begin with. It’s hard to experience success searching for something if it doesn’t exist, no matter how solid your resume & interview execution may […]