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The Salary Game

Many job seekers believe salary negotiation is a game. There is a thought ‘he who speaks first loses.’ In truth, the loser is always the job seeker who doesn’t understand and clearly communicate his value. Discussing compensation should be about getting both parties on the same page in terms of what dollar amount is fair […]

What’s Wrong With Me

Ah, Jake. Okay, not Jake, but that’s the name I’m going with for anonymity’s sake. Jake is a talented sales professional. In an industry where sales average a couple hundred bucks a pop he managed to exceed his sales quota by $2.3M big ones. Consider for a moment how many sales went into that number. […]

Contacts Increase Your Worth

When looking for work most realize professional contacts can help open doors and secure interviews. Guess what else they can do? The contacts you have strong relationships with can help you negotiate a higher salary. Many fail to consider and sell the potential value of the professional relationships they have to prospective employers. Don’t make […]

The Critical Five

I’ve mentioned before companies are more inclined to hire by the balance sheet versus by the heart. What does this mean for job seekers? It’s critical to focus on how your experience and talents can have a positive influence on an organization’s profit margin. Candidates who are able to give a company a clear picture […]

Those Darn Cover Letters

Ah, cover letters. I’m not sure who has the shorter end of the stick, candidates who have to write them or prospective employers who have to read them. They can be painful to both parties. I read too many cover letters that beat hiring managers over the head with personal circumstances, irrelevant qualifications and desperate […]

Finding Your Value

We all have value. When enduring a job search, it’s easy to lose sight of that and struggle with a positive attitude. The process of losing a job and finding a new one is riddled with bullets of rejection. What’s worse, sometimes you don’t even get rejected. You get nothing. Your efforts and actions aren’t […]

About Compensation

As I mentioned in an earlier post, compensation should be tied to the level of work an individual is doing for a company. What value does the company gain from that function? How does that role or that person’s skills affect the bottom line? What is the street value for that person’s abilities? How much […]

How Much Are You Looking To Make?

“How much are you looking to make?” It’s the question most job seekers dread. Say too much and you might be ruled out. Say too little and you might get stuck earning less than the position had the potential to pay. What is a person to do? One thing to do is to avoid being […]

Why This Blog

With over 10 years of my professional life spent in the recruiting industry, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of job seekers. The numbers are easily in the thousands. Over time many of the names and faces have become a blur. The mind can only hold so much. There are standouts though, good and bad. […]