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He Who Hesitates…

This week four job seekers from my roundtable groups landed jobs. All had one thing in common. The opportunities came at them fast. There was little time to pause and digest. Two of the four actually started their jobs within a few days of getting the offer. The companies found the fit they wanted and […]

Strategic Volunteerism

Today I’d like to tell you about Jane. Jane is an absolute ace. She’s professional, smart and gives her all whenever she takes on a project or commitment. Like many job seekers interested in staying visible and positive, Jane spends much of her time volunteering. The hours of service she’s provided to her community have […]

Not Everybody Wants Your Resume

Begging isn’t my normal style, but I’m dropping to my knees today with a simple plea. For the love of your professional image, please don’t treat your resume like candy at a parade and toss it at crowds. Don’t go to networking events with a portfolio in hand and 50 copies of the latest version […]

Build, Fix or Maintain?

Many job seekers miss the mark on selling their skills to an opportunity because they fail to step back and consider what a company is ultimately trying to accomplish with the position. Most times jobs lean one of three ways. Companies are trying to build, fix or maintain something. Yes, there are positions that mix […]

Name That Contact

A job seeker in my network told me a quick story last week about how he got a hiring manager’s attention. Get ready for this show stopping strategy! He used the man’s name. Ground breaking stuff. He saw the gentleman’s business card on the table he was standing beside for a job fair and actually […]

Does The Flavor Come Through?

Anyone else love the show “Chopped?” It’s a cooking show where chefs compete against each other to create meals from a base of 4-5 required ingredients. The ingredients don’t often logically go together, so it takes a creative approach to pull off a successful end product. One of the things the judges come down hard […]

The Three A’s

The three A’s carry a lot of weight with hiring managers in the decision process: attitude, accuracy, appearance. To me, the above have been talked to death. A professional job seeker who has made even a pinkie finger’s worth of effort to educate himself on hiring trends knows you need an error free resume, a […]

Older Job Seekers…Be Like Mike!

Remember the old Gatorade commercial featuring Michael Jordan? It was essentially a music video set to the song, “I can Be Like Mike.” Michael Jordan is, without question, the most talented basketball player in history. When I talk with older job seekers in my discussion groups, I often bring up how important it is to […]

Capital Area Michigan Works – Career Networking Group

Job Seekers Can Now Network Every Friday at 1:00 p.m.! The Career Networking Groups at Capital Area Michigan Works are shifting gears. For nearly a year there have been four separate groups: Science/Engineering, IT, Sales/Marketing, Business Administration. With so many of the groups’ initial participants securing employment, there simply isn’t the demand to continue offering […]

What Settling Can Sound Like

Many job seekers realize the position of their dreams may not be an option for the foreseeable future. Though it’s great most are flexible and open to exploring other options, it can be tough convincing potential employers they’d be a good hire in a role too far removed from their ideal. Why? Too many sound […]