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Are You Doing Your Career Yard Work?

It’s that magical time of year when there is always something that needs weeding, planting and watering if a yard is to thrive. Regardless of the time spent laboring the day before, new things pop up daily demanding attention. Any guesses for how this relates to managing your professional development or job search? It’s pretty […]

Is Anyone Attempting To Recruit You?

Right now, who is attempting to recruit you for an opportunity in line with your abilities and interests? What about over the past year? 5 years? 10 years? Not counting the abundant multilevel marketing opportunities making the circuit these days, if you haven’t been the target of a recruitment effort, you may be in the […]

The Quick Get Hired

When you’re trying to land a job, quick is where it’s at. There are all sorts of ways to be quick and they all matter when it comes to a winning job search strategy. Job seekers with the best odds of finishing first are those who can: build a diverse network of influential contacts quickly. […]

You “Can Do The Job” – So What?

Care to hear a line I hear frequently? “I don’t understand companies! They aren’t giving me a chance even though I know I’ve proven I can do the jobs I’ve applied for!” My response to that is, “so what?” Great, you’ve proven you can do the job. It’s highly likely other candidates have, too. Making […]

Value Yourself!

Today I’ve got to talk about Diane…not her real name. Diane is a wonderful woman with a solid professional background. I met her recently at a networking event. I sat beside her, actually. She immediately struck me as professional, smart and kind. During that meeting I was impressed enough to suggest she contact a company […]

Wrong Answer In The DIY Generation

What do you mean you don’t know something because no one has ever shown you before? It’s 2011! DIY isn’t just a home improvement trend, it’s a culture shift. When someone tries to pin their lack of understanding of something on others not taking the time to get them up to speed I have to […]

What The Winners Have In Common

Most who read my blog posts are looking for some nugget of wisdom that will help them generate positive results from a job search. I thought it might be a good idea to share some observations of what those who  have recently landed jobs have in common. So here goes… They have magnetism. They have […]

Do You Have A Focus Group?

Job seekers, like it or not, you are a salesperson. Your talents, skills, connections and sweat are up for grabs and it’s your responsibility to understand who your customers are, what you have they could use, what value to put on those offerings and how they respond to your marketing materials & pitch. How does […]

Name That Staffing Company

You know that company you really want to work for, but it doesn’t have any current openings or isn’t sold on your background being a fit for its needs? A simple question may help you gain entry when the odds don’t seem to be in your favor. The next time a company gives you the […]

Meet Some Special People

I’ve heard bloggers are supposed to post pictures to keep things interesting. I’m not a picture girl, but I’m going to break from my norm to show you some of the wonderful people I get to spend my time with. Today a group of 10 job seekers and 8 members of the business community came […]