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What Does It Say About You?

This is one of those tough love posts that requires me to say some things that normally make me squirm. I hate name calling. Assigning a negative name to people’s actions/judgments is one thing, but out and out calling another person a name bothers me. I’m going to have to do it in this post […]

Are Employers Reading Your Emails?

Before you press send on an email to a decision maker you are hoping to connect with, ask yourself a few questions. 1. Does your email address look like it’s coming from a credible sender? Imagine the person on the other end of that email making a decision whether or not to risk opening an […]

When It Means Something

Long time, no blog post. I’ve been staring at my screen for weeks now and not feeling any real urge to write. I couldn’t find the motivation. Something happened today, a short moment ago actually, that gave me the jolt I needed. While staring at my blank screen a comment came in on a blog […]

Lab Rats

My heart is in my stomach. Reading through some articles on the unemployed, there are regular mentions of those seeking to make ends meet turning to the likes of medical study programs and blood product donation to earn money. They are selling platelets and participating in clinical studies and health trials in order to feed […]

Assumptions About Unemployed

Every day I interact with the professional level unemployed in my community. I see first hand the efforts they are making to secure employment. Many have gone back to school, learned new skills, lowered salary expectations, adapted a more open mindset and pushed themselves to explore new directions their lives could take at this point. […]

Nearly A Month!

It’s been nearly a month since I blogged. Not for lack of wanting, trust me. May was a germ festival in my home. After months of running ragged and not getting enough rest, the mighty power of my daughter’s preschool germs planted me firmly on the sidelines for weeks.  My experience is proof taking care […]


I’ve blogged before on candidates contradicting their abilities. Mostly I’ve talked about how applicants’ actions fail to live up to their words. Atention to detail Exceptional communicator with the ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds exceptionally. Excellent ability to manage deadlines. (yet the application was submitted 2 days after the position closed) Today […]

Are You Sure?

My biggest beef with social media is how fast misinformation can spread. You’d think people would have the good sense to question what they read/hear and do some quick internet searches to gauge its validity before spreading it to the masses as truth. The fact so much of what has gone “viral” in recent years […]

Advice Is Circumstantial

The other day I was listening to a program on networking strategies for job seekers. Some things were mentioned that gave me the squirms. Not because I disagreed with the message those giving the advice were attempting to convey, but because I’m well aware many people on the receiving end of advice take it as […]

Long Job Searches Can Make You More Marketable

Are you ready for this? Long job searches laced with failures can make you more marketable. Yep, you read that right. You can actually be a greater benefit to a company because you were not able to obtain employment immediately after you lost your job. The key is recognizing why this is the case and […]