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Solving The “We Don’t Give References” Problem

A growing number of companies are limiting the information they release in the referencing process. Many of the job seekers I’m working with, who have been laid off from large organizations, struggle to close the deal with a prospective employer because their former employer is so tight lipped. Their former supervisors, who still work with […]

Make The Call!

A good friend called me today. Moments earlier a recruiter had informed her she wouldn’t be advancing in the process for a job she thought she had a good shot of landing. She’d interviewed well in the first round, was a point-by-point match in terms of experience and had connections to key employees in executive […]

Unemployment Numbers

Unemployment numbers…they’re up, they’re down, they’re up, they’re down, they’re stagnant, they’re up, they’re down… I’m sure I’m not the only one with a kink in my neck trying to keep track of it all. This week we are firmly in the “up” category. The official percentage is 9.2. I suspect the actual number is […]

Trouble With Low Mileage

My Grandma, bless her heart, drives approximately 2,000 miles per year. No joke. When she decided it was time for her to sell her 10 year old car it had a grand total of 24,000 miles on it. Yep. There was no need to wonder if the odometer had simply rolled over. The seats still […]

Emotional Intelligence

Today S Max Brown posted an interesting quote on Twitter. Max is a leadership coach and keynote speaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @SMaxBrown. He wrote, “Emotional intelligence is a HUGE predictor of success. Interpersonal skills trump IQ all day long when it comes to leadership.” Max’s words have me wondering if the […]

Finding A Way To Win

My beloved Michigan State Spartans lost to Michigan in basketball last night. I expected it to happen, actually. As much talent as the team has, they’ve been unable to put it to use this season. Missed shots, sloppy defense and a never ending stream of distractions have taken their toll. I think a lot of […]

When Humor Sounds Angry

Jokes don’t hide anger and frustration. If anything, they amplify those types of emotions and give individuals on the receiving end of the manufactured humor the wiggles and squirms. Many job seekers are in a tough place emotionally. They understand employers don’t want the negative energy that goes along with those feelings, so there are […]

Make It Easy For Me

You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to connect with job seekers. In a time of fierce competition for jobs, it’s important to make sure employers have easy ways to get in touch with you.  Here are a few examples of what I run into frequently. Changing your cell phone or internet service/provider without […]

Every 6-8 Weeks

If you are a woman like me, scratching at 40 or better, you’re likely in a similar pattern of personal maintenance. For those of you who have reached this point of your life gray-free, talk to the hand. Every 6-8 weeks I head to the hair salon to invest time and money in hiding the […]

The Unemployed Aren’t Scumbags

A comment on a discussion topic involving extending unemployment benefits to the chronically unemployed stopped me cold. I’ll get to that in a minute. First I feel the need to clarify a few things. I appreciate extending unemployment benefits is a complex issue with no simple answers. It may surprise some people to know I’m […]