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Been There…Done That

I’ve given a number of workshops over the years to job seekers. Topics have typically covered things like resume/interview techniques, networking your way to new opportunities and adding sales strategies to standard job seeking activities. Most of the content has been pretty straight forward. Finding a job isn’t rocket science. It’s mostly an exercise in […]

Harry the Unknowing Thief

I’ve met many a thief in my life. Most were clueless of their criminal ways. They floated through life robbing others of time and opportunity. It’s not that they intended to be thieves. Far from it. They were so wrapped up in themselves, they simply didn’t have the awareness of what they were taking from […]

Why This Blog

With over 10 years of my professional life spent in the recruiting industry, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of job seekers. The numbers are easily in the thousands. Over time many of the names and faces have become a blur. The mind can only hold so much. There are standouts though, good and bad. […]