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It’s What You Do, Not What You Say

I’m not sure why, but resumes noting an individual’s “attention to detail” frequently have a typo or grammatical error within the next few lines. Now that’s irony. Though I’m one to notice mistakes on a resume anyway, I have to confess an increased desire to look for them on resumes where candidates have noted their […]

Weakest Link

Who is your weakest link? Go ahead and ask. “Why Lisa, whatever do you mean?” I mean, who is the person in your life with access to your mail, computer or phone who you’d least like interacting with a potential employer? If bad luck finds you easily, that is the person who is going to […]


Objectives. Sigh. It’s rare I encounter an objective that actually adds value to an individual’s resume. When you consider they are positioned right at the top and sure to have the prospective employer’s undivided attention, it is a shame they often do little to capture interest or set one candidate apart from another. What a […]

Balls In The Air

Many sales professionals know the phrase “balls in the air.” In basic terms, you want lots of things going so you have the best chance of something good happening. Juggling one or two balls at a time leaves you with little to hope for should one or both fall to the ground. The more balls […]