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No Smoking Policy

Do you have a no smoking policy with friends, family members, colleagues and mentors? This has nothing to do with nicotine sticks. The no smoking policy I’m referring to is an agreement no smoke will be blown when giving you constructive feedback. When looking for a job, you need the people in your life’s circle […]

Those Darn Cover Letters

Ah, cover letters. I’m not sure who has the shorter end of the stick, candidates who have to write them or prospective employers who have to read them. They can be painful to both parties. I read too many cover letters that beat hiring managers over the head with personal circumstances, irrelevant qualifications and desperate […]

Why The Hesitation?

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a man we’ll call Tim. Tim is on the young side, but mature well beyond his years. He understands more about bringing value to the table and not wasting people’s time, or any time for that matter, than many people twice his age. Tim’s struggle is that […]

Soliticing Feedback from Interviewers

Wouldn’t it be handy if job seekers knew exactly why they were passed over for positions? So much is left to guessing and assumptions. It’s not always possible to get solid feedback as to why, but if you make a habit of posing well-timed and value added questions to those you interview with, you may […]

Pay Attention to Bad Press

I shared this nugget in another forum and thought it would be wise to post it here as well. Please indulge me if you’ve read it before. There is no doubt the media loves to focus on negative news. A company who finds itself in the spotlight for not so positive reasons tends to become […]

No Today, Yes Tomorrow

Rejection is part of the human experience. Even those exuding confidence wrestle with concerns of not being wanted. They’re human too, right? Their ability to risk hearing a no, and move past the no’s they’ve received along the way, is what sets them apart from the crowd. As a recruiter I encountered rejection on a […]

The Bridges You’ve Burned

So many people find themselves playing dodge ball with mistakes of the past. They’ve burned bridges with people and end up in a never ending game of having to find alternative routes to their destination. So often this isn’t necessary. Just as we fix the broken bridges in our lives we use for driving and […]

Google is a blabber mouth!

If Google knows any of your personal business, he’s going to blab it to anyone who asks the right questions. Every detail you provide to a company during your job search could be used on search engines to reveal more information about you than you ever intended to share. It is important for every job […]

“Employers Are Intimidated By Me.”

“Employers are intimidated by me.” I often hear this from older or executive level candidates. When I hear it, I find myself chewing on my lip. It’s not that I don’t think it is possible for decision makers to pass over candidates who may threaten their professional advancements or who may feel the individual’s qualifications […]

So Many Experts

I don’t envy job seekers. There are experts at every corner telling them what they thought was a good approach stinks. Just today I read an article by an HR professional going on about phrases on your resume sure to send it to the trash can. She cited phrases like “team player,” “results oriented,” and […]