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Mulligan Stew Job Descriptions

There’s been an increase of what I like to call Mulligan Stew job descriptions. If you aren’t familiar with Mulligan Stew, it’s essentially a meal made from all sorts of things thrown together. In cooking, the outcome can be delicious. When it comes to job descriptions, mixing a whole bunch of random responsibilities together can […]

Getting Past Receptionists

Receptionists deserve an apology. They get blamed by the masses for not putting calls through to key personnel. They are the supposed obstacle to job seekers being able to effectively follow up on opportunities and make valuable connections with decision makers. Contrary to popular belief, there is no receptionist boot camp where those screening phone […]

Take 5

Just a quick note to let you know I’m stepping away from the blogosphere for 5 days. New York City, here I come. Don’t forget about me while I’m gone. Bookmark It

Companies Having a Hard Time Hiring

Many companies are having a hard time hiring qualified individuals to fill their open positions. Yep, I’m writing this post in August of 2009. I’m fully aware of the economy and high unemployment numbers. Living in Michigan, it’s impossible not to be. Care to hazard a guess why some companies can’t seem to find the […]

When Others Speak For You

This post could get me into trouble. I have a love/hate relationship with recruiting experts. Though the intentions to educate and inspire creative thought are clear to me, I worry their readers are missing the boat on what is really happening at times. So much advice comes off as “do this” and “say that” directives. […]

Timing…Everything or Nothing

It’s been said timing is everything. For me, that’s bunk. Waiting around for the right time often results in nothing. What do I mean? Those putting off making contact with key individuals and companies with the thought of waiting for a more perfect time, often end up with nothing to show for their careful planning. […]

Show You’re In Demand!

Imagine with me, if you will, a hiring manager reading a resume of an individual who interests him. He calls the person, they talk, and he decides he wants to bring the person in for an interview. “When are you available?”, he asks. “Anytime that is convenient for you. I’m wide open,” the accommodating candidate […]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Promoted!

Feeling frustration when coworkers aren’t pulling their weight is understandable. Those who show up and give 150% of themselves often find their efforts enabling others to only give 50%. What’s a person to do? Give less? Lash out at coworkers for loafing or supervisors for failing to take action? Nah. Doing so might feel good, […]

As Hard As You Make It…

Lucy knows this is coming. I warned her fair and square she’d be getting a blog in her honor. Of course, her name isn’t really Lucy, but she’ll know it’s her just the same. Lucy thinks she has a big problem. Despite her brains, down right likability, dedication and the fact she’s been consistently employed […]

Not What I Would Have Done

A recent college graduate is suing the school she attended because she has yet to find a job since graduating in April. The basis of the complaint is that the school hasn’t done enough to provide leads to her and give her career advice. Because she hasn’t managed to find a job, all of her […]