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This week I heard a lot of good news. Several friends and clients are basking in interview requests and job offers. Care to know what all of them happen to have in common? All of them have connections to someone associated with the companies involved. They have an extra edge because they know someone, or […]

What Computer?

When I first got into the world of recruiting, the computer wasn’t a big part of the job. I had a computer for access to our company database, but I wasn’t trolling the internet and emailing all day long. In order to build relationships with candidates and corporate leaders and be in the know of […]

It’s Like The ‘F’ Word

My husband says the ‘F’ word. A lot. He doesn’t realize how often that little monster of a word works its way into his conversations. He is desensitized to the word from years of working around military personnel with a flair for colorful metaphors. If you asked my husband, he’d tell you he is good […]


While grocery shopping today, I had an interesting encounter with a cashier. She was wearing a frown as she scanned my groceries. People attempting to line up behind me were quickly told of other available lanes with no waiting. Though that could count as good customer service, her suggesting they consider other cashiers had nothing […]

Time Changes Things

Remember that company you approached 3,6, 9 or even 12 months ago that said it had no openings? Is that still true? There is no way to know if you haven’t kept in touch with the contacts you made there. Many job seekers make the mistake of turning a company’s account of its current situation […]

Networking For Jobs While Employed

Networking for a job while employed is tough. This is especially true for those in sales and marketing roles who may already be heavily involved in networking on behalf of their current employer. So, how do you handle networking for the benefit of self-promotion while also representing a specific employer? Discretion and good judgment are […]