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College Grads, Chew On This…

For the new and soon-to-be college graduates out there, I’d like to alert you to a simple fact. As cold as it sounds, once you graduate it’s no longer about you. Roles reverse. Circumstances change. Think of the relationship of students and colleges in a basic way. Students are the buyers. They are the paying […]

Showing My Teeth

No, this isn’t about me being viscous. I had a photo session earlier this week, which is tantamount to torture. Cameras and I do not get along. My fragile grasp on confidence gives way and insecurity creeps in. Insecurity isn’t something I like to pay much attention to normally, but humanity makes it impossible to […]

The Critical Five

I’ve mentioned before companies are more inclined to hire by the balance sheet versus by the heart. What does this mean for job seekers? It’s critical to focus on how your experience and talents can have a positive influence on an organization’s profit margin. Candidates who are able to give a company a clear picture […]

I’ve Never Had To Look Before

So many talented and skilled individuals are struggling in this current job market. Why? Because they’ve never had to look for a job before and aren’t certain how to navigate this tricky economy. They frequently tell me how, in the past, jobs always came to them. Now they are having to hunt for jobs and […]

Urgent! Must Act Now!

Advertisements and emails tell me everyday to act immediately in order to get in on some amazing opportunity. Of course, the opportunities usually aren’t all that amazing. The products or services offered rarely even hit the “I might need this once in a blue moon” spectrum. As much as these messages annoy me, worse are […]

Tis the Season for Negative Comments

Family gatherings are such a joy for those out of work. There’s nothing like the a room full of friends and family members to bring out tons of inquiries on your job search efforts (usually in the form of “got a job yet?”), comments on how bad the economy is, suggestions on what you should […]

The Unemployed Have Advantages Too

I promise I’m not nuts when I tell you the unemployed have advantages in the job search process. Yes, employed individuals have the appearance of being in demand and are less likely to receive offers below their true value, but being unemployed has its perks. Let’s talk about some of them so those of you […]

Why Buy The Cow?

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? We’ve heard that before. Usually it’s tied to romantic relationships and the quest for commitment. These days some job seekers need to come to terms with the concept professionally. At a recent round table for job seekers the topic of unpaid internships came […]