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Just Flick Him Off Of Your Shoulder!

You know that little guy sitting on your shoulder whispering all sorts of negative stuff in your ear? Flick him off! Seriously. He’s not doing you a lick of good. It frustrates me to no end when I meet someone more willing to embrace the opinion of an imaginary person than a seasoned professional. What […]

Job Seekers Missing In Action

As a resident of the state with highest level of unemployment in the nation, you’d think I’d be tripping over job seekers right and left. Not so. Except for my clients, who actively network with me, I rarely encounter the unemployed in business circles. It’s astonishing to me how hard it can be to find […]

The Cure For “Me-Me-Me” Cover Letters

Do you want to avoid your cover letter being more about you and less about your reader? I have an easy solution. As a rule, I encourage all of my clients to make sure the first thing the cover letter says is the name of the company they are writing. For example, “Smith & Sons […]

The Greatest Man I Never Hired

John was one of those people you just fell in love with instantly. I’m not talking romantic love. His spirit, energy, warmth and humor made itself known immediately. Those drawn to vitality were easily pulled under his spell. I first met John when he interviewed with me to be a recruiter on my team. Though […]