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Job Hunter or Job Shopper

It occurred to me why so many individuals are struggling with running an effective job search. This economy requires a hunter’s mindset. Most of us have never really had to hunt for anything of any great importance. We shop. When there is something we want or need, we turn to companies and individuals who have […]

Get More Out Of Job Boards

Looking through sites like Monster and Career Builder leaves this sales oriented girl giddy. The available information is laced with leads. To see them, you need to change your focus from a job seeker to an opportunity seeker. That involves putting a sales cap on. Job boards get a bad rap. This is mostly because […]

You May Not Be What You Think You Are…

The trouble with job titles is the functions that go with them often vary by company and industry. Candidates who don’t take this into consideration may have a bumpy ride with their job search efforts. For example, the Human Resource Manager of a 50 employee company who applies to be the Human Resource Manager of […]

What Does That Question Have To Do With This Job?

Hiring managers are asking lots of different questions these days. Just as candidates are changing the delivery of their message, companies are adjusting their focus. It’s important to realize, though the relevance may not be obvious to you, there is likely a reason behind the interviewer asking the question.  So long as the question being […]

Change Your Route!

It concerns me when I shut off my car and realize I don’t remember much of the drive I just completed. Where was my brain when I was cruising down the highway? How did I make it from point A to point B without being engaged enough in the process for the journey to register? […]

Reality Check

For all of you stuck in the “there are no jobs” mentality, guess what happened today? Someone retired. Someone decided not to return from a maternity leave. Someone moved out-of-state for a job or for family reasons. Someone was promoted. Someone was fired for poor performance. Someone quit to go it alone. Someone was called […]