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Reject Me! Reject Me!

Those with job searches spilling into months and years need to guard against the tendency to invite rejection. Sounds nuts, but trust me it happens. It’s an easy habit to start offering up to employers and networking contacts all of the reasons you aren’t a fit for something. I’ve met many candidates who have endured […]

Do You Smell of Febreze?

My friends know I hate Febreze. Why? Because the minute I smell it I know there is something lurking underneath that scent no one wants me to know about. You might as well hang a sign warning me as your guest something in your house is a bio-hazard. Unlike the actors in the commercial, I […]

Information Overload

Job seekers know they may only get one shot at impressing a decision maker. The pressure is intense to make a strong and favorable showing with whatever tool is used at that moment, be it resume, cover letter, networking conversation or interview. Unfortunately, this knowledge has a way of cementing that fact for many. What […]

Was It Really “Great”?

Have you ever been in the position of having what you felt to be a great conversation with a decision maker only to never hear from that person again? It’s incredibly frustrating to go from the high of assumed success to the low of begging for some nugget of follow-up, knowing as the days pass […]

“You Do What You Have To Do.”

“You do what you have to do.”  What that simple sentence means to you could play a substantial role in the outcome of your job search. Is it a statement of conviction or the caboose on some excuse for settling? The job seeker poised to win pairs that sentence with commitments to network, learn new […]

Assume You’re To Blame

Placing the blame of poor results in a job search on others or on events is ineffective. When job seekers tell me they can’t find a job because of the economy or because companies aren’t handling their openings well, I know they are missing the boat on a key bit of strategy. The most successful […]

Add Some March Madness To Your Search

NCAA Tournament time! This basketball lover is ready for some action. March is the time teams up their game for the main event. Anything can happen. Fans tune in for the chance to watch thrilling, high-five moments. Will the favorites win? Will a Cinderella team dazzle and surprise? Hard to say. Who wins or loses […]

Lansing Job Seeker Networks Set To Launch!

Networking groups for unemployed professionals in the Lansing area are set to launch at Capital Area Michigan Works in April! Spread the word. These groups are free! If you missed my initial post on the concept, follow this link: Help Me Get Lansing Professionals Working The groups are organized by professional interest. When considering where […]

The Thing About Secrets

Contrary to what many articles and media headlines suggest, there really aren’t a lot of secrets when it comes to job hunting. Though it makes for a catchy title, it also invites job seekers to believe what stands between them and employment is some hidden nugget of wisdom. Not true. There is so much information […]

Horror Show Job Search?

Living in Michigan, the hardest hit state  in terms of unemployment, encountering job seekers in scary situations is a daily experience. Many feel like unwitting participants in a horror show. Their normal days of going to work, paying their bills and taking care of their families’ needs were rudely interrupted by a faceless monster’s sudden […]