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Mirror Mirror

Many people are influenced by the attitudes and communication styles of others. I’m not immune. During a conversation I find myself emulating the other person. Within minutes I’m talking at the same speed, with the same level of enthusiasm, the same jargon and sometimes even the same accent. The accent bit is embarrassing. There have […]

Just Say No

Ask anyone looking for work what they hate about the process and they are sure to give you a healthy list.  Most are quick to grumble about hiring assessments, extensive & redundant online applications, essay components, transcript requests for degrees obtained decades ago, etc. Employers are definitely having applicants jump through hoops these days. There […]

Can The Conspiracy Theory

No matter how much you believe the actions of another contributed to you losing a job, leave it out of your interview and networking discussions. Quite frankly, suggesting others are to blame for your current situation rarely rings true in the ears of those you hope to impress. For one, if the individual has been […]

Aiming Low

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s worth another go. A week rarely passes without me hearing a job seeker lament about being over qualified. Employers aren’t giving them a chance, you see. They are being passed over for that $30K job because they made $75K in their last position. Well, duh. Of […]

I Don’t Sound Like That

Don’t you love hearing your recorded voice? Yikes. Science has an explanation, I’m sure, for why the voice we hear in our head doesn’t match what greets the rest of the world. The fact remains, whatever it is we think we sound like to others is wrong. Telling people “that’s not how I sound!” is […]

Advice Is Circumstantial

The other day I was listening to a program on networking strategies for job seekers. Some things were mentioned that gave me the squirms. Not because I disagreed with the message those giving the advice were attempting to convey, but because I’m well aware many people on the receiving end of advice take it as […]

Long Job Searches Can Make You More Marketable

Are you ready for this? Long job searches laced with failures can make you more marketable. Yep, you read that right. You can actually be a greater benefit to a company because you were not able to obtain employment immediately after you lost your job. The key is recognizing why this is the case and […]

Not Now vs Not Ever

If I were to guess, I’d say 95% of all job seekers make the same mistake. They fail to circle back to companies after being told they aren’t a fit or that there aren’t any current openings matching their background. They take that verdict to mean “not ever” when it likely means “not now.” With […]