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Running Late

This morning I was running late. Normally I leave the house at 8:00 to get my daughter to preschool on time. It wasn’t to be today. At 8:20 my daughter was half dressed, arguing the need to wear black patent leather shoes with running pants and demanding she have time to finish drawing her snowman […]

Don’t Go In Blind

Let me give you a taste of a conversation I had today with someone looking for advice on an upcoming interview. His name isn’t really Tony, by the way. Me: “Tell me about the job you are interviewing for.” Tony: “From what I can tell (insert some guesses). It seems reasonable they would want (insert […]

The Curious Finish Faster

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it gives life to a job search! Those who invite curiosity into their efforts are much more likely to experience a positive outcome. The curious job seeker wonders: What is going on in my community and how does it affect my profession? What does that new piece of […]

Older? Do You Have Modern Amenities?

Time to talk specifically to older candidates again. I’m still hearing complaints about companies not wanting to hire older workers. It’s hard to put a number on what age qualifies a person to be “old.” I’ve heard it from 40 and beyond. Is age discrimination really about your age? Age could very well be the […]

The Tortoise & The Hare

Many of us have been taught from The Tortoise and The Hare “slow and steady wins the race.” Baloney! Slow and steady isn’t the formula for winning a race. One may finish, but others, sans competitors who choose to nap, will undoubtedly win. The tortoise didn’t beat the hare by going slow. It’s an insult […]


I’ve blogged before on candidates contradicting their abilities. Mostly I’ve talked about how applicants’ actions fail to live up to their words. Atention to detail Exceptional communicator with the ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds exceptionally. Excellent ability to manage deadlines. (yet the application was submitted 2 days after the position closed) Today […]

I Didn’t Feel Like It Today

Those of you looking for work can surely identify with waking up on days and not feeling like making the effort. You all likely have moments, hopefully short lived, where you want to turn your minds off from the process of looking for work. What’s a missed day, right? That’s how I felt today about […]

Shakespeare Reincarnate

I’ve read many cover letters and resumes and wondered, “who talks like this?” Some job seekers believe channeling their inner Shakespeare is the best way to impress a hiring manager.  Though that may win points on occasion, most times it blurs your message and puts you at risk of appearing insincere or fake. The goal […]

Warming Up The Interview

Those who exercise know to get the best results every session should start with a warm up phase. Warming up helps prepare the body for what’s to come so optimal results are achieved. The warm up is only supposed to take a few minutes. If you have an hour to exercise and spend 45 minutes […]

Are You Sure?

My biggest beef with social media is how fast misinformation can spread. You’d think people would have the good sense to question what they read/hear and do some quick internet searches to gauge its validity before spreading it to the masses as truth. The fact so much of what has gone “viral” in recent years […]