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No Better Than A Miracle Diet Pill

Some job seekers are no better than those companies pushing miracle diet pills. Their product can’t live up to sales claims. They market themselves as having capabilities they know aren’t truly theirs to claim. Potential customers who aren’t desperate and take the time to ask the right questions recognize this truth and save themselves from […]

Allow Me To Beat My Head Against The Wall

For the love of all that is logical, please tell me why some of the newly employed are setting themselves up for history to repeat? Whether a result of an improving economy or better job search technique, many I’ve worked with over the past year are getting job offers. That’s fantastic news. It’s what’s happening […]

Chicken Scratch

Have you given much attention to your penmanship lately? Mine is horrible. Since much of what I write is electronic, I’m out of practice with a pen. On the occasions I actually put pen to paper the result borders on horrifying. My penmanship used to be pretty good. Now a preschooler could best me. It […]

It Goes Both Ways

I had an interesting conversation with an unemployed professional the other day. She’s been looking for work for some time now. Her job dissolved when the economy took a tumble. She’s been out of work for over a year and has been doing what she can to adjust to the fast changing job market.  “Companies […]

Unemployed? Do Something!

The mind quickly turns to mush when not used regularly. Job seekers who have been on the shelf for a bit often struggle to pull thoughts together on the fly. I’ve been there. When I re-entered the business community after time away as a stay-at-home mom, my mind would blank and my words would dissolve […]

Big Whoop?

Yesterday my 2 year old son came running to me. “Mommy! Mommy! I put my car away!” Exciting stuff considering he rarely puts anything away without a lot of prompting. He beamed with pride. I gave him a supportive hug as I looked around the playroom. His car was where it should be, but the […]

News Flash: They Are All Real Jobs

I’ve been reading some articles on turning non-jobs into real jobs, non-jobs being temporary positions through staffing firms. Boy do I get prickly about statements like that. I’ve heard people refer to entry level and labor positions as “not real” also. Though the articles usually give great advice on how to turn a temporary opportunity […]

No Blog Today…Really

I joked the other day about not wanting to blog and then changing my mind after taking in the compliments of a reader. Well, today I’m really not going to blog. I’ve been trying all morning and the words aren’t coming right. They are muddled and overdone. The problem isn’t a lack of things to […]

Identity Crisis

My normally light brown hair is nearly black today. What happened? My stylist went a little nuts with the color last Friday. When she turned me to face the mirror, after all was said and done, my eyes about fell out of my head. “You’ll get used to it,” she said. Well, I’m on day […]

Interviews Go Beyond The Job Offer

Landing a job is far from the end of the interview process. More people are realizing employment is a continuous effort of proving relevance, selling yourself to greater responsibilities, gaining credibility and building on an already positive impression. Sadly, I’ve met several laid-off professionals who may have been spared the pink slip had they taken […]