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Stop Guessing!

Ready for an earth shattering discovery I’ve made? It struck me last night that the people I know who tend to struggle the most are those who seem to guess the most. Think about it. Who does better in school, those who study and are prepared to answer the questions, or those who are picking […]

How Come He Has A Job?

There’s nothing like being unemployed to sharpen one’s ability to notice incompetence in others. Many of the professional level job seekers I work with find it difficult to accept how they can’t find work when they encounter rude, unprofessional, unorganized and poorly skilled individuals on a regular basis who are gainfully employed. Many times they […]

If Your Search Was A Sporting Event…

If your job search was a sporting event how would the fans in the stands react to your efforts? Would they been cheering, offering up celebratory hand slaps and looking on with satisfied grins? Or, would they be covering their eyes, praying for time to finally run out and contemplating leaving early to spare themselves […]

Contacts Increase Your Worth

When looking for work most realize professional contacts can help open doors and secure interviews. Guess what else they can do? The contacts you have strong relationships with can help you negotiate a higher salary. Many fail to consider and sell the potential value of the professional relationships they have to prospective employers. Don’t make […]

Timing Matters

When mapping out a strategy for your job search, it’s easy to focus exclusively on what you should be doing and leave out the when. It is important to realize the impact timing can have on how successful your efforts are with a decision maker. I’ll share a story of one of my more embarrassing […]

What Are Your Weaknesses?

“What are your weaknesses?” This particular interview question has come up several times in conversations this week. It’s certainly not a new question. Since it seems to be a popular topic, I figured I’d take a stab at sharing my views on how to approach it with an answer. When companies ask this question what […]

The Real Issue With Poor Follow-up

Job seekers waste a lot of time and energy being frustrated with employers who don’t follow-up. Sure, it would be great to hear from companies when they promised to call. Yes, it would be polite to give some response to your resume. True, some contact after an interview to let you know where you stand […]

Assumptions About Unemployed

Every day I interact with the professional level unemployed in my community. I see first hand the efforts they are making to secure employment. Many have gone back to school, learned new skills, lowered salary expectations, adapted a more open mindset and pushed themselves to explore new directions their lives could take at this point. […]

Nearly A Month!

It’s been nearly a month since I blogged. Not for lack of wanting, trust me. May was a germ festival in my home. After months of running ragged and not getting enough rest, the mighty power of my daughter’s preschool germs planted me firmly on the sidelines for weeks.  My experience is proof taking care […]