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Car Talk Fan

Anyone else listen to Car Talk on NPR? I’m a huge fan. I don’t have a nickel’s worth of interest in how to fix an engine or what indicates this belt or that fluid may need to be replaced. That said, I can’t seem to turn the dial when I stumble upon Tom and Ray’s […]

Speed Employers Up!

Job seekers spend too much time complaining about the things that slow hiring processes down and not enough time focusing on what speeds them up. Sure, companies may have internal limitations applying the brakes at times, but what motivates decision makers to conquer those limitations sooner than later? I’ll tell you what doesn’t, a candidate […]

It’s Like Asking For Directions

Pretend you are in a city you’ve never been to before and you are hungry. You need to find a way to eat that isn’t too expensive. You’ve got $20 in your pocket to work with. On top of that, you are strict vegetarian. Along comes someone who seems to know the area. He’s confident, […]

Uh-Oh, It Worked!

Some of you may have caught David’s comment on my last blog. He shared a story of stopping by a company he’d been pursuing with the intention of connecting with the manager. Luck was on his side. David introduced himself, let the manager know he’d submitted a resume to corporate for an open position and […]

Interviews Aren’t Performances

When your interview is over the interviewer should be thinking “what a great meeting,” not “what a great show.” Great shows don’t get you job offers. You may say and do the right things, but if a standing ovation is more appropriate than an ethusiastic handshake, you aren’t getting the job. Sincerity and a genuine […]

Lab Rats

My heart is in my stomach. Reading through some articles on the unemployed, there are regular mentions of those seeking to make ends meet turning to the likes of medical study programs and blood product donation to earn money. They are selling platelets and participating in clinical studies and health trials in order to feed […]


Friends and family are often dumbfounded I don’t have band-aids in my house. With a 2 and 4 year old, you’d think I’d have a healthy supply. It’s not that my kids are aces at self-preservation. They scrape their knees and cut fingers like the best of them. They just don’t get a band-aid when […]