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The Masking Problems Myth

It’s a real head shaker to me how many job seekers believe a functional resume serves to distract potential employers from a spotty employment history. For me, the experience is the opposite. I joked in a blog some time ago about functional resumes sometimes coming off like Febreze. Febreze may smell good, but there is […]

Check The Forecast

Most make a point to check the weather forecast when making plans for a weekend or a vacation. Knowing ahead of time what conditions to prepare for is key to the planning process and helps ensure a positive experience. Job seekers need to do the same thing with their search. It’s imperative to take in […]

The Pizza Hut Problem

I live in Michigan. Most know it’s one of the hardest hit states in terms of the recession. There are many empty buildings here waiting to be leased or purchased. Some of the buildings are starting to fill up with new businesses. Ah, recovery. Guess which ones remain empty? We have several commercial sites that […]

Seeing Where Things Go

A job seeker made an interesting statement to me the other day. In his review of possible options for himself he closed with the remark, “well, I’m just going to wait and see where things go.” Wait and see where things go? How does that make sense? Too many job seekers are waiting for external […]

If You Were An Animal…

I spend a lot of time chatting in round tables with professionals looking for work. I’m hearing some interesting stories these days about interview questions. Employers are actually asking questions like, “if you were an item in a grocery store what would you be and why?” And, “if you were an animal what animal would […]