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What Are You Trying To Prove

What are you trying to prove? Seriously, think about it. Are you trying to prove you’re smart? Experienced? Flexible? Well connected? Ethical? Motivated? Many times when job seekers present me with information about themselves and what they fit it feels superficial. There’s no depth to the details and assurances. I get a lot of pretty […]

Making The Grade

It drives me bonkers when job seekers grade their networking contacts. They evaluate how good of a contact someone is by who they know and what they’ve managed to do for them. Though that sounds reasonable, it’s a terrible disservice to the networking process. First of all, to be able to grade someone based on […]

Coochi Coo

While meeting with a professional on the hunt for a job, we’ll call him Jake, the conversation steered to a specific opportunity he hopes to land. The business owner is interested, but isn’t going to just give him a shot. She’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to take the temperature on how dedicated, […]

Waiting For Perfect

Job seekers, don’t get caught up in waiting for perfect. Postponing reaching out to key contacts because you want the stars and planets to align themselves in a certain way before taking action is a mistake. More than likely you will find the perfect moment never materializes or that, when it does, someone else has […]

What Does It Say About You?

This is one of those tough love posts that requires me to say some things that normally make me squirm. I hate name calling. Assigning a negative name to people’s actions/judgments is one thing, but out and out calling another person a name bothers me. I’m going to have to do it in this post […]

What’s Wrong With Me

Ah, Jake. Okay, not Jake, but that’s the name I’m going with for anonymity’s sake. Jake is a talented sales professional. In an industry where sales average a couple hundred bucks a pop he managed to exceed his sales quota by $2.3M big ones. Consider for a moment how many sales went into that number. […]

Don’t Tell Me That First!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me share an important nugget of wisdom with you. It’s great that you are willing to compromise in terms of employment opportunities, but don’t make a louder case for your compromises than you do for your ideal career situations when talking with networking contacts. Your loudest message is what will resonate […]

Employees Are Rentals

The downside of buying something is that it immediately starts losing value. The moment you drive that new car off the lot it has lost some of its worth. Of course, the car and the dealership don’t care. You’ve paid your money in full and are completely committed to the purchase. You as a consumer […]