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What’s Shaking?

A friend of mine has a habit of starting phone conversations with, “what’s shaking?” Because I’m starting to feel a bit out of shape, that question, which is really only meant to be a casual hello, takes on new meaning. My answer is frequently, “more than I’d like to be.” Something happened last year. I […]

Having Fun

Folks, you’ve got to have fun with your job search. As with anything, the more fun you are having the more creative and attractive you tend to be. When I say attractive, I don’t mean in a “you’re so hot” kind of way. I’m talking about magnetism. People are more likely to be drawn to […]

14,374 & 759,387

For those of you interested in a bit of trivia, there are approximately 14,374 businesses in the Greater Lansing area. The number for Michigan as a whole is around 759,387.  Granted, many of these businesses are small operations with 1-5 employees. I’m not suggesting all of the companies are large employers by any stretch. That […]

The Salary Game

Many job seekers believe salary negotiation is a game. There is a thought ‘he who speaks first loses.’ In truth, the loser is always the job seeker who doesn’t understand and clearly communicate his value. Discussing compensation should be about getting both parties on the same page in terms of what dollar amount is fair […]

New Car Stickers

Have you ever seen a sticker on the window of a new car? It shows a complete list of features. Those listed establish value and give an exact account of what a buyer is getting for his money. They are tangible and factual. When combined, they make the case for the price of the vehicle, […]

The Unemployed Aren’t Scumbags

A comment on a discussion topic involving extending unemployment benefits to the chronically unemployed stopped me cold. I’ll get to that in a minute. First I feel the need to clarify a few things. I appreciate extending unemployment benefits is a complex issue with no simple answers. It may surprise some people to know I’m […]

What If Current/Past Supervisors Wrote Your Resume?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if resumes were prepared by current and former supervisors instead of by the job seeker? What would they say about you? How different would the content be? What functions and strengths would be highlighted? What results would be showcased? I was talking about the above concept with a job seeker recently. […]