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The Politics Of Looking For Work

Politics. The word makes a lot of people cringe. I understand why. The drama and junk these days can be overwhelming. Those who are dealing with the stress of unemployment struggle with the toxicity of what our country has grown to believe is debate. Many have decided they’re better off tuning out the rhetoric coming […]

The Three A’s

The three A’s carry a lot of weight with hiring managers in the decision process: attitude, accuracy, appearance. To me, the above have been talked to death. A professional job seeker who has made even a pinkie finger’s worth of effort to educate himself on hiring trends knows you need an error free resume, a […]

Emotional Intelligence

Today S Max Brown posted an interesting quote on Twitter. Max is a leadership coach and keynote speaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @SMaxBrown. He wrote, “Emotional intelligence is a HUGE predictor of success. Interpersonal skills trump IQ all day long when it comes to leadership.” Max’s words have me wondering if the […]

Be Faster Than Ketchup!

If I had a magic wand one thing I would do is cast a spell on job seekers that helps them get to the point faster. I know my wordy self has a lot of nerve saying that, but stick with me for a minute. I’m not sure if it’s the mistaken belief that every […]

Older Job Seekers…Be Like Mike!

Remember the old Gatorade commercial featuring Michael Jordan? It was essentially a music video set to the song, “I can Be Like Mike.” Michael Jordan is, without question, the most talented basketball player in history. When I talk with older job seekers in my discussion groups, I often bring up how important it is to […]