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I’m Not Who You Think I Am

Any guesses on my education background? By degree I am a Medical Technologist. That is a 4 year degree with a heavy emphasis on physics, chemistry, biology and math. Medical Technologists are the ones in the various hospital and research labs around the country running tests and digging for answers to medical mysteries. I worked […]

Not Everybody Wants Your Resume

Begging isn’t my normal style, but I’m dropping to my knees today with a simple plea. For the love of your professional image, please don’t treat your resume like candy at a parade and toss it at crowds. Don’t go to networking events with a portfolio in hand and 50 copies of the latest version […]

Build, Fix or Maintain?

Many job seekers miss the mark on selling their skills to an opportunity because they fail to step back and consider what a company is ultimately trying to accomplish with the position. Most times jobs lean one of three ways. Companies are trying to build, fix or maintain something. Yes, there are positions that mix […]

You’d Be Mad

I’ve got bad news. You’re going to be mad. At least, you should be mad. Who you get mad at is still to be determined. Ready for my news? Someone with fewer qualifications and lower professional standards than you landed a job for more money than you’ve been brave enough to ask for today.  How […]