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I’m Such A Meanie

I think I’ve shared before that I have a twin sister. As far as twins go, we don’t have many similarities. My sister’s curly jet black hair, green eyes, artistic ability and tendency to say things like “fiddlesticks” when mad are polar opposites of me. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I say fiddlesticks, too. What can I […]

Meet Some Special People

I’ve heard bloggers are supposed to post pictures to keep things interesting. I’m not a picture girl, but I’m going to break from my norm to show you some of the wonderful people I get to spend my time with. Today a group of 10 job seekers and 8 members of the business community came […]

He Who Hesitates…

This week four job seekers from my roundtable groups landed jobs. All had one thing in common. The opportunities came at them fast. There was little time to pause and digest. Two of the four actually started their jobs within a few days of getting the offer. The companies found the fit they wanted and […]

Strategic Volunteerism

Today I’d like to tell you about Jane. Jane is an absolute ace. She’s professional, smart and gives her all whenever she takes on a project or commitment. Like many job seekers interested in staying visible and positive, Jane spends much of her time volunteering. The hours of service she’s provided to her community have […]