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Make The Call!

A good friend called me today. Moments earlier a recruiter had informed her she wouldn’t be advancing in the process for a job she thought she had a good shot of landing. She’d interviewed well in the first round, was a point-by-point match in terms of experience and had connections to key employees in executive […]

Value Yourself!

Today I’ve got to talk about Diane…not her real name. Diane is a wonderful woman with a solid professional background. I met her recently at a networking event. I sat beside her, actually. She immediately struck me as professional, smart and kind. During that meeting I was impressed enough to suggest she contact a company […]

Wrong Answer In The DIY Generation

What do you mean you don’t know something because no one has ever shown you before? It’s 2011! DIY isn’t just a home improvement trend, it’s a culture shift. When someone tries to pin their lack of understanding of something on others not taking the time to get them up to speed I have to […]

The 97.7%

Don’t panic! This isn’t one of “those” posts. Did you hear the news last week? According to a report, 97.7% of all businesses in the United States have fewer than 100 employees. Small businesses are much more plentiful than the big guys. If you want to see G. Scott Thomas’ original article in “The Business […]