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Resume Reviews

When you ask someone to review your resume, make sure you are on the same page in terms of what is to be evaluated. Too often the primary focus ends up being typos and word choices. Yes, we want those things brought to our attention, but a big component of a resume review has to […]

Double Dipping

For those who have been at a job search for an extended period of time, you’ve likely seen positions pop up with organizations you’ve submitted applications to months or years before. Trust me when I tell you it is absolutely okay to double dip. Don’t be shy about taking another shot at working for a […]

When They Write, You’re Right

When I’m in a business meeting with someone, I rely on one simple sign to tell me if I’m on the right track with the information I’m sharing. It’s great when people are smiling at me and asking questions or making comments about what I’ve said, but the real winner for me is when the […]

I Can Make More On Unemployment

The top complaint I hear from employers about unemployment extensions is having candidates turn down jobs because they claim they can make more on unemployment. It’s a concern that’s easy to get riled up about. I’d like to add some perspective, however. Let me say first, yes, there are lazy people who don’t care to […]

You “Can Do The Job” – So What?

Care to hear a line I hear frequently? “I don’t understand companies! They aren’t giving me a chance even though I know I’ve proven I can do the jobs I’ve applied for!” My response to that is, “so what?” Great, you’ve proven you can do the job. It’s highly likely other candidates have, too. Making […]