Meet Some Special People

I’ve heard bloggers are supposed to post pictures to keep things interesting. I’m not a picture girl, but I’m going to break from my norm to show you some of the wonderful people I get to spend my time with.

Today a group of 10 job seekers and 8 members of the business community came together in Lansing for 3 hours of focused brainstorming. Participants were arranged in 4 groups, with 3 job seekers and 2 business members in each group. Before you think I can’t add, let me tell you two job seekers weren’t able to make it. One had an interview come up (woohoo!) and the other didn’t feel prepared with the information needed to participate. No problem.

In the groups, each of the job seekers got a chance to be in the spotlight for 45 minutes. Fellow group members learned about their backgrounds, skills, interests and talents and then had a nice chunk of time to imagine all sorts of ways all of the above could be put to use in today’s job market. Since the event took place in the basement of Capital Area District Library, we had library superstars Eunice & Liz on hand to help connect participants with any resources they had on hand to enhance the process. Eunice was all over ReferenceUSA this morning providing information on companies and executive leadership in the industries participants found relevant to a particular job seeker.

Today’s event was an experiment. If you’re reading this and wondering why you didn’t know about it, this one was by invitation only to control the initial test run. It went well and I anticipate this is the first of many. It’s no secret I’m constantly looking for effective ways for job seekers to collaborate with the business community and those in workforce development. This seems like a winner to me. Those in Lansing who didn’t get to play today will get a turn. Count on it.

I’d like to pass on a great big thank you to those in the business community who gave their time today. Rich Howard, Cindie Alwood, Jim Bunn, Sue Quimby, Tami Nykamp, Kate Tykocki, Sherry Doody & Shelley Lowe…you made a big difference today in the search efforts of these great job seekers!

To the job seekers…Steve, Blake, Anne, Kevin, Connie, Lori, Jeffery, Beverly, Jesse & Cindee, you are all wonderful, talented, motivated and giving individuals. You approached today with open and creative minds. Good things are coming.



Jesse, Me, Beverly & Cindee

Cindie, Blake, Me & Jim

Cindie, Blake, Anne, Me, Jeffrey, Steve & Jim

Cindee & Jesse



Beverly, Sue & Lori

Cindee, Sue & Lori

Liz & Eunice

Kevin, Shelley, Connie & Sherry

Tami & Kate

Blake & Cindie

Steve & Jim


  • Kevin Konen says:

    Thank you again Lisa for all your hard work putting this together. I found it very valuable and had many takeaways from it.

  • Jim Bunn says:

    This was a wonderful event that has a great deal of potential. Networking and brainstorming feedback can be THE difference in landing a position that you might not have considered in the past. I was pleased to be a part of the first “Hours of Power” and look forward to participating when it happens again. Thanks Lisa, Eunice, Liz and all participants on both sides of the table.

  • David Brooks says:

    Again!! Great idea Lisa. Thanks for all of the great information over the last year. If there is anything that I can do to help in any way let me know.

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