Just Flick Him Off Of Your Shoulder!

You know that little guy sitting on your shoulder whispering all sorts of negative stuff in your ear? Flick him off! Seriously. He’s not doing you a lick of good. It frustrates me to no end when I meet someone more willing to embrace the opinion of an imaginary person than a seasoned professional. What gives this little guy so much power? Even if he knows some deep dark secret about you, it’s not like he can hold it against you. He doesn’t have a Twitter account at the ready where he can send the world messages of your short comings and obstacles. You’re the only one who can hear him. The only way his view of you or your situation can be revealed to the rest of us is if you take his words to heart and allow them to come through in what you say and do.

I talk about this little guy with many of my clients. I can’t see or hear him, but I know when someone is carrying him around. While discussing strategy, leery eyes stare back at me. The head twitches to the side to take in what he has to say. A quick rub of the shoulder hints to the weight of this little guy’s negativity.

Be gone with him! Only you can make the choice. Others can help brush him off, but as long as you offer him safe harbor, their efforts won’t be enough. Bring your index finger to your thumb and set him sailing. Then step on him. Splat! Uh-oh, I’d better stop. My violent side is emerging.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This is a good point Lisa, I too am guiilty of listiening to this little guy at times. Thanks for the reminder, I need to just "not take his words to heart" as you say, and It wont come throught in what I do.

    Bill Nurmi

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