Don’t Be A Momentum Killer

When I encounter a job seeker determined to dwell on the negative, it feels a lot like when a slow moving vehicle pulls out in front of me and forces me to take my foot off the gas pedal. One moment I’m cruising along, accomplishing things on my mission. In the next moment, I’m stuck waiting for a person to speed up or pull over so I can continue on my way.

I understand there are many things that stink about looking for a job. Times are tough and the list of potential things to complain about is long. Perhaps your own mission lacks momentum at the moment, but others may have what it takes to lead the way out of this mess. If you meet people traveling at a fast pace and aren’t prepared to stay ahead of or beside them, pull to the side and let the leaders roll by. No one benefits if everyone gets to the finish line late. Ride in the draft. It will make the journey easier for all. When you aren’t at the top of your game, the best contribution you can make to a team effort is to avoid getting in the way. Who knows? After drafting you may find the power to move to the front when others run out of energy.

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  • Bill Nurmi says:

    You make a good point Lisa, there are things that stink about looking for a job, I have personally experienced that. However, no amount of negativity and complaining will EVER make it better.

    Bill Nurmi

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