A Thank You A Day Keeps Your Job Search In Play!

Do you want to add more energy to your job search? Commit to sending out at least one thank you letter a day. Truly motivated individuals will shoot for more. Why assign a goal to the process of sending out thank you letters? It’s simple. When you have a goal like that you are more likely to stay focused on having the type of contact with people that would warrant sending a thank you. This contact dramatically increases the odds of you finding employment sooner.

As much as I appreciate job seekers realizing the importance of sending thank you letters in general, it is stunning to me how many only have the occasional need to send one out. If you are only cranking out one or two a month, you’ve got trouble! Either you’re neglecting to say thanks or you simply aren’t doing enough to justify more. As much as the first possibility disappoints me, the second is worse. Insufficient activity can be your worst enemy during a search. Imagine the momentum you could be experiencing if you had thirty people to thank each month versus two. Tell yourself each day I’m going to connect with at least one person in a way that warrants follow-up with a thank you note. Every week that goes by with you adding 7 people to your job search efforts will bring you closer to the prize.


  • Bill Nurmi says:

    GUILTY as charged! I fit into the category of not sending out nearly enough thank you letters. Thanks for the reminder Lisa, sometimes I have to be reminded over and over again what to do even though I know the answer.

  • admin says:

    You’re welcome, Bill. We all have to be reminded of things. It’s the simple stuff that escapes us at times. By the way, thank you for all you are doing to help me help others. You are constantly on the look out for other job seekers. It is appreciated.

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