Nix “Something” & “Anything”

If I had the power stop those I work with from saying two words, the words would be “something” and “anything.” Why? Too often, when I ask people to describe what they are looking for, I get lines like this…

  • Something where I get to work with people.
  • Something stable.
  • Something where I can put my skills to use.
  • I’m pretty flexible, so just about anything.
  • Something in management.
  • Something entry level.
  • Something where I’m appreciated.

Gee, that helps. You’re groaning right along with me, right? “Something” and “anything” essentially tell me nothing. Is it any wonder those who are littering their networking contacts with a bunch of nothing get nothing in return?

What are you looking for? Seriously. What?! Paint a mental picture for others so they have something tangible to go by. Finding a job is important and requires you take care to describe what you are looking for in a meaningful way. So ditch the “something” and “anything” descriptors. Challenge yourself to be more specific. Your networking contacts will thank you for doing so and you’ll appreciate boost of momentum your search gains.


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  • Emily says:

    I physically cringed when a student at a career fair said “anything” to me earlier this week. No…not anything! Those individuals need to go back and read your blog post about making lists regarding what you DONT want to do, to create a list of what you DO want to do. Stop being wishy-washy and willing to take whatever the world throws at you! Choose! Great blog entry.

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