When They Write, You’re Right

When I’m in a business meeting with someone, I rely on one simple sign to tell me if I’m on the right track with the information I’m sharing. It’s great when people are smiling at me and asking questions or making comments about what I’ve said, but the real winner for me is when the other person finds the need to write down something I’ve said. Then I know I’ve given the person something new and worth remembering.

Think about the interviews you’ve had. Did the interviewer ever grab a pen? Was your interviewer’s copy of your resume a graffiti exhibit at the conclusion of the meeting? If not, you’ve got some work to do.

If the interviewer was writing something down, what were you saying at the time? Was it something meaningful that the person might want to remember? Did you capitalize on their interest in that particular line of discussion? If it wasn’t really meaningful, was were you inspiring them to put pen to paper about? Was it drivel that moved the person to write “talks too much” or “remember to buy eggs at the store” during that particular moment?

The true indicator of how interested a potential employer is in you comes in the form of a job offer. Don’t discount the clues offered along the way, however. Think of what you do when you are hearing something interesting and meaningful to you and look for those same actions in those you meet with. If you’re not seeing signs of interest, like a pen in motion, you’ve got to rethink your approach.

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  • Melissa Fishbeck says:

    You make a great point in observing outward cues to be looking for during your interview. I quite often write down things while I am being interviewed I want to remember about the position, the company, etc., but now I will remember to see if those interviewing me are writing down memorable things I said or a comment on a response to one of their questions. In panel interviews, it seems like someone is writing something down at least some of the time, but like you say, is it something meaningful about an interviewer’s answer or shared information, or is it a reminder to do an errand after work? Hopefully, the former!!

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