The Quick Get Hired

When you’re trying to land a job, quick is where it’s at. There are all sorts of ways to be quick and they all matter when it comes to a winning job search strategy. Job seekers with the best odds of finishing first are those who can:

  • build a diverse network of influential contacts quickly.
  • act on leads and initiate an appropriate level of contact quickly.
  • provide follow-up and requested documents quickly.
  • identify and learn new skills relevant to their field quickly.
  • articulate what they are looking to do and where their experiences and abilities would be useful quickly.
  • get to the meat of whatever point they are trying to make at a given moment quickly.

When it comes to a job search, the cliche’ “analysis is paralysis” reigns supreme. Yes, you want to do your homework and get your approach right. When researching equals waiting a week or so to act on a hot lead or reach out to a new contact, your well informed effort is destined to be dead on arrival.

If you aren’t doing things quickly, you are at risk at being perceived as doing things slowly. I don’t know of many organizations right now who value a turtle’s pace. Push yourself to ensure you radiate progress. If you’ve got too much on your plate to be efficient, strip off the things that don’t matter as much. You’ll experience better results providing quick and meaningful output with a smaller workload than being slow attempting to do the same with more than you can handle.

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