Finding Your Value

We all have value. When enduring a job search, it’s easy to lose sight of that and struggle with a positive attitude. The process of losing a job and finding a new one is riddled with bullets of rejection. What’s worse, sometimes you don’t even get rejected. You get nothing. Your efforts and actions aren’t even acknowledged. What’s a job seeker to do?

The most important thing a job seeker can do is to find their value and pass it on to others. You can’t sell your value to potential employers if you lose the ability to see it yourself. In fact, that is likely why it gets more difficult to find a job as time goes on. The job seeker, who is the head salesperson assigned to the task of marketing himself, has lost faith in the product. A sales effort absent enthusiasm and confidence rarely delivers results.

Everyone has something to contribute to society and it is important to get your mind around your talents and abilities. Be honest with what you bring to the table. Selling yourself in an untruthful or unrealistic way doesn’t work. Focus on what is real and turn that into opportunity. Whether it’s brain, brawn, imagination or passion, there is likely a buyer out there interested in what you have to sell so long as you’ve packaged the product in an appealing way and conveyed your value effectively. Rejection doesn’t erase your true value. It simply shows as a salesperson you’ve failed to find and connect with the right buyer. Avoid changing your view of yourself and opt for changing your strategy for identifying and reaching out to prospective employers.

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