Maybe If Your Job Involved Karaoke?

There are few things you can do in this world where people cheer you on and ask for more when you perform badly. Karaoke is about all I can think of at the moment. And it’s hard to say if that would still be the case if those doing the clapping had to pay the performer or weren’t knocking back happy juice.

Since most of us don’t earn our living as professional Karaoke singers, we have to come to terms with the fact if we aren’t good at our job we must adjust and seek out opportunities more in line with our talents and personalities. It doesn’t make sense to get mad at employers who let us go or who pass us over if there are clear holes in our abilities. Too many job seekers keep on the same path professionally when their journey has been riddled with failure and unhappiness. Why?What’s the point of forcing yourself into a role you weren’t meant for? Why set yourself up for another bad ending? I can see trying something a few times. Going back over and over again, when the outcome stays the same, is pointless.

Several years ago I had to let a recruiter go from my team. When I took the team over she was struggling horribly. All of the tools I tried to give her couldn’t save her from her fear of sales and inability to close deals. When the day of reckoning came, there were no tears and no anger. She smiled and was happy to be done with it all, quiet frankly. She left me with a handshake and a vow to steer clear of sales for the duration of her human existence. As far as vows go, she picked a good one.

Give yourself the gift of honesty when it comes to assessing your fit for a job. It’s not taking away from your value. To the contrary, finding a profession in line with your natural talents and tendencies may pave the way for the type of success you’ve been missing in life. Besides, it’s a lot less painful when you tell yourself the hard truth versus having to hear it from someone else.

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