The Thing About Secrets

Contrary to what many articles and media headlines suggest, there really aren’t a lot of secrets when it comes to job hunting. Though it makes for a catchy title, it also invites job seekers to believe what stands between them and employment is some hidden nugget of wisdom. Not true. There is so much information readily available. I’m not sure if it’s even possible for anything to be a secret in the Information Age.

When I meet with those looking for work they confess the strategy I share with them isn’t new. Perhaps the way I share it with them is unique, but mostly they are in the know of what it takes to run a successful search. The problem lies in summoning the energy, motivation and courage necessary to put what they know to good use.

It’s human nature to exist in a cloud of denial. We make excuses and procrastinate, all the while digesting articles revealing golden secrets with the thought we will learn something new that will negate the need for us to actually do what we’ve been putting off. Ah, if only it worked that way.

For those of you who love secrets, here’s one for you. You already know what you need to do. You’re in the loop and stocked with information. You could make your job search all it needs to be whenever you wish. How much longer you choose to keep that a secret is up to you. Don’t count on me not to blab, however. I’m terrible with secrets.

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