Add Some March Madness To Your Search

NCAA Tournament time! This basketball lover is ready for some action. March is the time teams up their game for the main event. Anything can happen. Fans tune in for the chance to watch thrilling, high-five moments. Will the favorites win? Will a Cinderella team dazzle and surprise? Hard to say. Who wins or loses depends on what happens in 40 minutes. The season that got each team to the dance means nothing. It’s all in how teams execute plays, manage stress, respond to their coach and deal with an unfamiliar opponent.

Those out looking for employment opportunities could learn a lot from March Madness. Take in a game or two and pay attention to how the game is won. I guarantee you will see teamwork, effective use of time, variety in strategy, focus on a goal, belief in the ability to win, and motivating fans/coaches. What you see in the game is only part of what went into the winning effort, however. Prior to the game opponents were researched, plays were practiced, muscles were conditioned and players took necessary steps to ensure they were healthy and well rested.

Job seekers need to do all of the above. I think the most crucial piece is to start with the belief you can win and then work in the other elements. Those who think success isn’t possible aren’t likely to approach the other components effectively. If your fan base is telling you it’s pointless, go find other fans. Underdogs in the NCAA Tournament don’t pull off victories by thinking success is impossible. You can tell the teams playing with the belief they can win. It’s inspiring to see the confidence in their eyes and passion in their efforts. That’s much more exciting to watch than teams who don’t have the confidence and end up chaotically chasing the ball and opponent around for 40 minutes. Those situations always end in a lopsided score with all involved, players and fans, praying the clock would tick its last second and put everyone out of their misery.

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