“You Do What You Have To Do.”

“You do what you have to do.”  What that simple sentence means to you could play a substantial role in the outcome of your job search. Is it a statement of conviction or the caboose on some excuse for settling?

The job seeker poised to win pairs that sentence with commitments to network, learn new skills, take risks and push himself to stay in the game of hunting for opportunities. The job seeker poised to fail pairs that sentence with utterances about taking a job they know they’ll hate when they haven’t even made a true effort to run a proactive search.

It crushes me to realize people have an easier time embracing what they need to do when it comes to taking a step backward. Doesn’t it make more sense to do what you have to do to win first? There are times when you have to make compromises, when you have to settle. Doing so before taking a stab at capturing your true dreams and goals is denying yourself the chance to succeed. You can’t blame that on the economy.

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  • Amen, Lisa. In an emotional and financial economy where so many are focusing on the lack, it’s almost as if folks feel more comfortable with failure in the midst of gloomy “news”. While I believe we should love and accept ourselves no matter where we’re at in life, the stories about a dim economy seem help many people welcome failure as opposed to galvanizing them toward success. Focus on a scary job market, see a scary job market. Focus clearly on nailing that next interview and winning that job and you may do just that!

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