Reject Me! Reject Me!

Those with job searches spilling into months and years need to guard against the tendency to invite rejection. Sounds nuts, but trust me it happens. It’s an easy habit to start offering up to employers and networking contacts all of the reasons you aren’t a fit for something. I’ve met many candidates who have endured rejection to the point they’ve taken to telling me ahead of time all of their potential short comings.  They aren’t aware of what they are saying to me. When I point it out, there is usually a moment of “I do that?”

I’m no psychologist, but I suspect it stems from a need to have some control over the process. Candidates become resigned to the inevitability of rejection over time. It’s easier on the ego to get rejected after acknowledging your faults than to be rejected after making the case you are exactly what a company needs.

Pay attention to the conversations you have with others regarding your job search and note if you hear yourself saying anything along the lines of why you aren’t a fit, are at a disadvantage, are lacking in some area, don’t fit what employers currently want, etc. You’ll notice it when making a conscious effort to do so. It will shock you at first, but use your new found awareness to re-energize your search. Clip this kind of fault magnifying language out of your efforts. Gain control in your search through more effective means, such as targeted networking, strategic prospecting and skills enhancement in areas of recognized weakness.

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