I Didn’t Feel Like It Today

Those of you looking for work can surely identify with waking up on days and not feeling like making the effort. You all likely have moments, hopefully short lived, where you want to turn your minds off from the process of looking for work. What’s a missed day, right? That’s how I felt today about blogging. From the moment my eyes creaked open I had no interest in putting fingers to keyboard. No big deal. In fact, what’s the harm in taking the rest of the week off? A four day weekend sounds good to me.

Clearly I didn’t take today off. It’s all Patty’s fault. She complimented my blog today in a meeting. The sly fox that she is, she spoke of how my posts help her to see her job search efforts in a different way. Some kudos on my writing style were thrown in as well. Crafty, that Patty is. So now I can’t take the day off. What I do suddenly has meaning again. Now I have that nagging concern if I don’t write someone just might miss me. Darn it all, I want to write!

I’m having fun at Patty’s expense, but there is a point to be made. So often the reason job seekers find it tempting to sit on the bench at times is because they really don’t see the point in joining the game. What’s a missed day? There is no way to know, unfortunately. If you aren’t surrounding yourself with people or exposing yourself to situations where your efforts on a given day would be missed, you’re vulnerable to opting out when you shouldn’t. We all need reinforcement that what we are doing matters. That our efforts are leading us to something bigger and better. We can’t get that from the walls of our home and the bowels of our computer. Patty gave me that reinforcement today. The best part is, I didn’t have to ask her for it. By putting myself out there, her reinforcement found its way to me.  Job seekers should make every effort to involve themselves in situations and with people who can do for them what Patty did for me today. Thanks, Patty. You blew my four day weekend fantasy, but I won’t hold it against you. Unless it comes in handy to do so, that is.


  • Cindy Kraft says:

    Well said, Lisa. Doing those things we don’t want to do, and especially doing them with purpose and a good attitude, speaks volumes about that person. That’s a direct compliment!

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks, Cindy! Seeing your picture reminds me I need to figure out how to get mine in commenting fields. Always something new to learn.

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