The Tortoise & The Hare

Many of us have been taught from The Tortoise and The Hare “slow and steady wins the race.” Baloney! Slow and steady isn’t the formula for winning a race. One may finish, but others, sans competitors who choose to nap, will undoubtedly win. The tortoise didn’t beat the hare by going slow. It’s an insult to the tortoise to suggest such a thing. His speed may have been slow comparatively, but he beat the hare by going as fast as he reasonably could and concentrating on his goal until he crossed the finish line. The hare failed to do the same. The lesson to walk away with from the tortoise should be about staying focused while functioning at your true potential until a goal is realized. It’s a shame the tortoise’s example has been used by some to justify poking around at a steady clip.

Job seekers with the potential to match the pace of a hare, who choose the pace of a tortoise, rarely win the race to employment. Not only do they trail their competitors, they fail to exhibit the energy and momentum employers like to see seated across the interview desk from them.  Few hiring managers are willing to extend offers to workers without a clear sense of urgency and who fall short of their potential.

As slow as the tortoise may have been, he performed to the best of his ability and kept his eye on the prize. If you wish to follow the tortoise’s example, do the same.

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