No Blog Today…Really

I joked the other day about not wanting to blog and then changing my mind after taking in the compliments of a reader. Well, today I’m really not going to blog. I’ve been trying all morning and the words aren’t coming right. They are muddled and overdone. The problem isn’t a lack of things to talk about, but too much. I have so much to say today and my mind isn’t functioning well enough to pull it off effectively. Plastering up substandard work on the internet, whose memory is better than an elephant’s, just isn’t a good idea. Coincidentally, this morning a friend of mine tweeted the quote “Breathe. Know that the internet has no eraser. ~unknown”  It’s true.

Because I can’t let the moment pass without sharing some nugget of wisdom, I encourage job seekers to be honest with themselves when they are having an off day. Know when you need to say “tomorrow.” You’ll have better results submitting a stellar application tomorrow than submitting something not up to snuff today. It is important to make an effort before throwing in the towel though. The last time I was going to skip a blog post I simply didn’t want to write that day. I hadn’t even tried. Not good. Today it’s not that I don’t want to, I just can’t. Tomorrow I can though. And I will.

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