Timing…Everything or Nothing

It’s been said timing is everything. For me, that’s bunk. Waiting around for the right time often results in nothing. What do I mean? Those putting off making contact with key individuals and companies with the thought of waiting for a more perfect time, often end up with nothing to show for their careful planning. I’ve witnessed far too many job seekers and sales professionals missing out on valuable connections playing the “it’s too soon” or “it’s too late to call” mind game. Once you give yourself the task of finding the perfect moment you realize how rare they actually are.

Timing isn’t everything. Making now the right time is more valuable. My success in building professional relationships rests in my ability to create the perfect moment in the present versus waiting for some future time when everything is aligned just so. It’s all about relevance. Finding a way to make what you have to offer or are looking to do relevant to the person you wish to reach out to is all it takes. It doesn’t have to be anything monumental, simply valuable.

For those using “it’s not the perfect time” as an excuse for not taking action that could propel your job search or sales efforts, you’re making things harder than they need to be.

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